Writing prompts and basics

  • Writing prompts (currently not updated)

Here is a padlet with interesting news items, book excerpts, etc. It will be updated as I discover interesting documents so go back to it regularly!Feel free to choose one of them and write a piece about it that you can hand out to me to be assessed.


  • Basics

Temps et aspects

Temps (représentations graphiques)

Verbes irréguliers classés


Reported speech verbs

  • A decade in review:

The Washington Post

– NPR (American politics, protests, science)

Stories of the decade (NPR) (Snowden, Opioid epidemic)

Looking back at the tumultuous 2010s (Vox)

A century in review: Time Magazine’s “Woman of the year”: 100 women

  • 2019 in review


The New Yorker

The Washington Post

  • 2018 in review

2018 according to…

The Atlantic.

Time Magazine

The New Yorker


Of the use of foreign languages

A mother mouse was taking her large brood for a stroll across the kitchen floor one day when the local cat, by a feat of stealth unusual even for its species, managed to trap them in a corner. The children cowered, terrified by this fearsome beast, plaintively crying, “Help, Mother! Save us! Save us! We’re scared, Mother!”

Mother Mouse, with the hopeless valor of a parent protecting its children, turned with her teeth bared to the cat, towering huge above them, and suddenly began to bark in a fashion that would have done any Doberman proud. The startled cat fled in fear for its life.

As her grateful offspring flocked around her shouting “Oh, Mother, you saved us!” and “Yay! You scared the cat away!” she turned to them purposefully and declared, “You see how useful it is to know a second

Of the arbitrariness of French spelling

Multiculturalism in the UK

Movie corner

Bend It Like Beckham, 2014

Brick Lane, 2008

Indigenous peoples

  • An article about the over-representation of First Nation people in Canadian prisons (The Guardian, 2019)
  • The podcast we listened to in class (BBC, 2020)
  • A article about how the Hawaiian traditional dish, poke, was all but appropriated by an American company (The New York Times, 2018)
  • An article about PBS’ new TV series, the first American series featuring a Native American lead (The New York Times, 2019)
  • An article about the discriminatory voting law passed in North Dakota (Slate, 2018)
  • A radio programme about the harm a mascot can cause (NPR, 2013)
  • A radio programme about why Laura Ingalls’ name (Little House in the Prairie) was removed from a children’s literature award (NPR, 2018)

Education in the US

  • The presentation about education in the US (BCPST/MPSI)
  • An article about the cost of higher education (The Economist, 2019)
  • The article about how different history textbooks can be depending on what states use them (The New York Times, 2020)
  • A podcast about Varsity Blues (The Guardian, September 2019)
  • A explainer about the cost of college in the US (CNBC, 2019):

Movie corner

Community (TV series)

Mona Lisa Smile, 2004

Good Will Hunting, 1998

The Breakfast Club, 1985

The special relationship

  • The video we watched in class:
  • A brief recap (BBC, 2016)
  • Highs and lows of the special relationship:
    • A recap byPBS (2016)
    • A video recap by The Guardian (2017):

African Americans

Highlights Afr Am history

African American history – powerpoint + additional information

  • A feature about the relative success of Washington’s Museum of African American history (The New Yorker, 2019)
  • An article about a rich African American who paid off the student loan debt of Morehouse College’s class of 2019 (Morehouse College is a historically black college) (CNN, 2019)

Movie corner

  • The Help (2011)
  • Green Book (2018)
  • Hidden Figures (2017)

International actions and organisations

  • An analysis of how the coronavirus health emergency affects China’s image (France Inter, 2020)
  • The Economist article including Macron’s statement that NATO is becoming “brain dead” (2019)
  • A podcast about whether the UN can be reformed (ABC, 2020)
  • A segment about how Covid-19 is further weakening international unity (France Inter, 16 March 2020)
  • An explainer about NATO (CNBC, 2016)
  • NATO’s 70 years of history in 70 seconds:
  • Princess Anne, Justin Trudeau, Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron making fun of Donald Trump at NATO summit (2019):