Writing prompts and basics

  • Writing prompts (currently not updated)

Here is a padlet with interesting news items, book excerpts, etc. It will be updated as I discover interesting documents so go back to it regularly!Feel free to choose one of them and write a piece about it that you can hand out to me to be assessed.


  • Basics

Temps et aspects

Temps (représentations graphiques)

Verbes irréguliers classés


Reported speech verbs

  • 2018 in review

2018 according to…

The Atlantic.

Time Magazine

The New Yorker


Of the use of foreign languages

A mother mouse was taking her large brood for a stroll across the kitchen floor one day when the local cat, by a feat of stealth unusual even for its species, managed to trap them in a corner. The children cowered, terrified by this fearsome beast, plaintively crying, “Help, Mother! Save us! Save us! We’re scared, Mother!”

Mother Mouse, with the hopeless valor of a parent protecting its children, turned with her teeth bared to the cat, towering huge above them, and suddenly began to bark in a fashion that would have done any Doberman proud. The startled cat fled in fear for its life.

As her grateful offspring flocked around her shouting “Oh, Mother, you saved us!” and “Yay! You scared the cat away!” she turned to them purposefully and declared, “You see how useful it is to know a second

Of the arbitrariness of French spelling

MP – 2019-2020

Here are the documents I have referred you to as well as additional documents that may interest you for the first period.

Vocabulary sheets
Back in the saddle
Political extremism
Brexit and consequences

Additional information: Brexit and the UK’s national debt (BBC, October 8, 2019)

To keep posted about the latest evolutions: The Irish Times’ fact sheet about Brexit

Practice for CCINP: How Brexit threatens science (ABC, July 2019)

The new red scare

Last Week Tonight about the Green New Deal (if you want to know more about the socialist trend in the US at the moment)

Year 1, 1st semester – 2019-2020

Here are the documents I have referred you to as well as additional documents that may interest you.

2. British society

Education in the UK (sci)

The checkpoint about education in the UK (sci):


The checkpoint about British politics (EC):

(EC) The presentation your classmates gave about Ireland:

An audio about how Brexit may redefine politics in Northern Ireland (Guardian, November 2019)

A summary of the latest polling data about the upcoming general election: Politico’s poll of polls

The video we watched in class (BCPST)
A quick explainer about general elections
An introduction to Parliament (8′)
Class in Britain (EC)

The checkpoint about class in Britain (EC):

Accents in Britain

An article about how the Queen’s English has evolved over time (The Telegraph)


The checkpoint about Brexit :

A video by Le Monde explaining how it all started (there is a fellow video about May’s deal here)
Banksy’s “Devolved Parliament”
The British monarchy

The checkpoint about the British monarchy:

The video I meant to show you: Charles II, the king of bling

An article about how the media have treated the royal family in the past decades (Le Point)

The positive repercussions of the Prince Andrew scandal on Prince Charles’ image (The New York Times, 2019)

1. The right to information

Fake news and post-truth era
  • A video about the future of journalism in the post-truth era (2017, Harvard symposium)
  • Rudy Giuliani claiming that “truth isn’t truth” (2018, NPR)
  • A glossary (matching exercise + correction)
  • A document with all the post-truth lingo:
  • An article about today’s tools to create fake news
Net neutrality
  • An article from Le Monde explaining what net neutrality means using lorries
  • The checkpoint about net neutrality (should you lose it):
  • The checkpoint about whistleblowing:

BCPST: ENS-type translation (only 250 words long though) :

ECLV2_Holidays stuff

Hello everyone!

A last post to give you some useful links for the summer and eventually next year:

  • The links to this year’s subjects:
  • Advice:
    • Translate again the texts you were given this year
    • Read the news in English
    • Read to have a good time and watch TV series/movies without subtitles if possible and with English subtitles if not.


  • Unions and lobbies

– The presentation about unions and lobbies.

  • Justice in the Anglophone world
  • Brexit

You can keep up to date on this page from the Irish Times.

An infographics by Le Monde.

  • Space exploration

A timeline about the main steps in the Chinese and American space programmes (Financial Times).

The audio about SpaceX and the shuttle Crew Dragon we listened to.

  • Practice

EC LV2 – 2018-2019

Here are the documents I have referred you to as well as additional documents that may interest you for the first semester.

  • Patriotism in the US

The highlights of the four main speeches:

Joe Biden:

Barack Obama and George W. Bush:

Meghan McCain:

  • Reproductive rights

– Joss Whedon’s video in defense of planned parenthood:

– Interactive maps about abortion laws in the US, from The Guardian.

– A recap about abortion laws by John Oliver and his show about CPCs.

– The powerpoint presentation: Reproductive Rights

  • The American political system

– Audio practice: Can the sitting president be indicted (NPR)

The powerpoint presentation: The American political system and the infographics:

The American political system in a nutshell

Here is an infographics showing the repercussions gerrymandering has had so far:

Source: https://www.citylab.com/newsletter-editions/2019/07/maplab-where-fight-against-gerrymandering-goes-now/593212/

  • Justice in the US and in the UK

– Felony Disenfranchisement (Last Week Tonight):

– The powerpoint presentation about justice in the US and in the UK.

  • The FAANGtastic Five

Meet the FAANGs (slideshow)


  • Indigenous peoples

– The powerpoint presentation about indigenous peoples.

  • Religion in the Anglophone world

– The very short slideshow about religion in the US.

– Last Week Tonight about televangelism (2015):

– The video from the NY Times about Evangelicals (2018):

  • LGBT+ rights

– The presentation about LGBT+ rights

– A document about the Stonewall Inn riots.

  • Unions and lobbies

– The presentation about unions and lobbies.

  • The US Constitution

– The NPR radio hour about free speech.

– The presentation about the US Constitution.

  • Brexit

– The presentation about Brexit (13 March 2019)

– The recap made by the Irish Times to keep up to date.

– A very interesting article about how the UK lost the Brexit battle. (from Politico)

– An infographics by Le Monde.

  • Space exploration

– A timeline about the next steps in China’s and the US’s space programmes.

– An audio about the Chinese Moon Landing.

  • India

– The presentation about India.

– The audio we listened to (anti-satellite missile)

  • Economic crises
A collaborative timeline
  • Multiculturalism

– The presentation about multiculturalism in the English-speaking world.

  • Practice

Practice 1

Practice 2

+ corresponding audio